Saturday, January 16, 2010

Feel The Spin Playlist, January 17th...

Hour 1
(Brand-new music. The new year is finally heating up with some substantial and cool new songs. I'm still hardcore obsessing on Ke$ha, but now also really loving Hurts and the new Massive Attack cut. Also, I'm convinced that Matt Morris needs to be a superstar. Let's make it happen!)

I Want It All - Dangerous Muse
The Fireman Of My Dreams - Elouise
Kissing A Porn Star - J. Marie Cooper
Tik-Tok - Ke$ha
Kiss And Tell - Ke$ha
Into The Clouds - Sound Of Arrows
Paradise Circus - Massive Attack
Wonderful Life - Hurts
Never Gonna Give In - Michaela Wright
A Loaded Smile - Adam Lambert
Money - Matt Morris

Hour 2
(This is another of those hours that was built around wanting to play one particular song, "Calm Under The Waves" by Maria Mena. That song is EXQUISITE... thank you, Steve Anderson for sharing it with me. The rest of the songs fell into place around it quite comfortably. This hour isn't a giggle-fest. Rather, it's deep, occasionally dark, and totally out-of-body.)

Message To Myself - Melissa Etheridge
Mississippi Valentine - Kara DioGuardi
Without You (From "Rent") - Siobhan Donaghy
Sober -Pink
When Doves Cry - Patti Smith
Calm Under The Waves - Maria Mena
You're Missing - Bruce Springsteen
Wildflowers - Tom Petty
Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine
Saturn - Jen Foster
The Call - Matt Kennon
One Life To Love - 33 Miles

Hour 3
(I was going to do an '80s hour, but then I got bored with the idea. Instead, I concentrated on songs by artists who add lustre to the term "out-gay performer")

Oh L'Amour - Erasure
An Easier Affair - George Michael
Get Real - Paul Rutherford
Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys
Something To Live For - Jimmy Somerville
Hanging On The Telephone - Jimmy Somerville
Strange Voodoo - Culture Club
Broken Open - Adam Lambert
Stronger - Will Young
Take Me Out - Scissor Sisters
Blame It On The Rain - Mika
Where Did You Come From - Matt Zarley

Hour 4
(Trippin' the disco fantastic)

Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
MacArthur Park Suite - Donna Summer
San Francisco/Hollywood - Village People
Vertigo/Relight My Fire - Dan Hartman
Forbidden Love - Madleen Kane
Hit 'N Run - Lolleatta Holloway

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