Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feel The Spin Playlist, June 13th...

FEEL THE SPIN airs on Sirius 109/XM 98 radio every Sunday at 2pm ET/11am PT/7pm UK, with a replay the same day at 9pm ET/6pm PT/2am Monday UK.

Hour 1
(Brand-new/current releases. So much good stuff out right now. I couldn't squeeze everything I wanted to play in! Loving the Morningwood track. So tribal and bitchy! Hunx and the Punx is going to give you a giggle. Gotta love naughty queer punk!)

Sugarbaby - Morningwood
White Room - The Dirty Disco
Cruising - Hunx and his Punx
Boys In The Summer - Jessie James
Big Muscle - DJ Bill Bennett with Thea Austin
Feel You - Magnus Carlsson
Fire With Fire - Scissor Sisters
Break Of Dawn - Eric Saade
It's You - St. Leonards
State Of Grace - Christophe Willem
The Flood - Katie Melua
Touch - Natasha Bedingfield
This City Means No Love - J. Viewz
Leave Right Now - Will Young

Hour 2
(I woke up really needing to play some guitar-driven pop and country. These songs randomly found their way into a sequence without too much thought. It was totally from my subconscious.)

Summertime - Kenny Chesney
Summer Day - Sheryl Crow
Everytime - Levi Kreis
Looking Back - Keane with K'Naan
Delight (Something New Under The Sun) - The Court Yard Hounds
The Way I Feel - Mary Chapin Carpenter
Wheels - Foo Fighters
This Fucking Job - The Drive-By Truckers
How Bad Do You Want It? - Tim McGraw
These Are The Days - Sugarland
Just Before The Morning - Matt Morris
Closer To Love - Mat Kearney
Slice - Five For Fighting

Hour 3
(This is the first-play of my chat with Christina Aguilera. She's taking some pretty nasty knocks right now, and they're not all completely fair. "Bionic" is a bit scattered and overwhelming, but when you break it into chunks, it starts to make sense. Christina showed up for the interview cranky and sleepy. She'd just performed on "Good Morning America." It wasn't until I proved that I really knew her music and this album that she locked in and become engaged. I can't say that I blame her for having an attitude. My guess is that people don't generally pay attention to more than her singles. Whether you love or hate Christina, you have to agree that she pours a LOT into her albums. When you do that, it's reasonable to get ratty when people interview you without doing their research.)

I Am - Christina Aguilera
A conversation with Christina Aguilera
Vanity - Christina Aguilera
In My Head - Jason Derulo
A chat with Jason Derulo
Ridin' Solo - Jason Derulo
Bad Girl - Dee Dee
All The Lovers - Kylie Minogue

Hour 4
(When I first interviewed the lads of Massive Attack, I was a greenhorn newbie at Billboard. They were sullen, snotty, and they had me for lunch. I walked into this new experience prepared for the worst, and I wound up having a brilliant time with them. Age softens folks, for sure! Plus, asking them if they wear diapers is a great ice-breaker!)

Pray For Rain - Massive Attack
A conversation with Massive Attack
Girl I Love You - Massive Attack
Psyche - Massive Attack
Kites - Gravitonas
Into The Clouds - Sound Of Arrows
Close To You - The Venus Stare
Swoon - The Chemical Brothers

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